Exacq Video Surveillance Systems

High Performance Network Video Recorders

  • Continuously record up to 1,200 Mbps of video for high concentration of HD cameras
  • Support many simultaneous video to web/mobile clients with 1800 frames per second video
  • Simultaneously connect up to 500 remote clients
  • Optional dual 10 Gbps network interfaces for fastest archiving or mass client performance

High Reliability Network Video Recorders

  • Continuously record during single power source failure with dual power supplies
  • Enterprise-class, continuous-duty hard drives
  • Hot spare drive options for automatic replacement of failed drive
  • Uninterrupted operation and video preservation in event of one or two drive failures via RAID 5 or RAID 6
  • Solid state drive for Linux or Windows operating system
  • Monitors hardware health in exacqVision client and with email/text notifications
  • ESM Failover feature protects against system failures (requires ESM and hardware)

High Capacity Network Video Recorders

  • Record up to 128 IP cameras and 64 analog cameras
  • Includes 8 IP camera licenses
  • Compatible with Thousands of IP camera models
  • Store up to 120TB with front accessible storage
  • Expandable to over 1.6PB with S-Series networked storage
  • Compatible with all exacqVision network recorders and VMS software for maximum scalability

VMS Software:

  • Pre-configured with exacqVision Professional VMS software (standard)

    • EasyConnect − automatically finds, addresses and connects IP cameras
    • Two-way audio
    • Powerful integration with retail security, financial and access control systems
    • Conduct investigations on recorded video, audio and data with thumbnail or timeline search
    • Bookmark important video for long-term retention
    • Video multi-streaming to optimize storage utilization and network traffic
  • View video anywhere (standard)

    • Unlimited Windows/Linux/Mac PC clients
    • Live and recorded video from any browser
    • Live and recorded video from most tablets and smartphones
  • Upgrade to exacqVision Enterprise software (optional)

    • VideoPush to remotely control video wall clients
    • Case Management to organize critical evidence
    • Active Directory / LDAP for IT administration of users
    • Easy, single-screen administration of cameras, users, storage and notifications
  • Enterprise System Manager (optional)

    • Maximize uptime with health monitoring